Voice Evacuation Systems

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Some facilities are required by the federal, state or local codes to maintain a voice evacuation system. These systems are specially designed public address systems, typically used during fire situations though now being utilized in a growing number of emergency situations. These auditory systems use spoken messages delivered in a calm voice to evacuate facilities in an orderly fashion during emergencies.

Voice evacuation systems are considered better alternatives to traditional alarms because a voice is typically less likely to cause panic and the voice feature can be used to give specific instructions. Another advantage is that with the (over!) abundance of alarms that the average person hears multiple times during their day, people tend to get “alarm deaf” and totally ignore the sound. That last thing anyone wants is for people to be complacent during an actual emergency.

Voice Evac systems can also address other security issues such as intruders or other emergencies. Voice Evac systems can both tell people to get out and also tell them where the danger is so they can avoid it. These systems can also be used to deploy law enforcement, fire, or emergency services to the location.

As more municipalities and private facilities become more sensitive to public threats or emergencies, systems such as these are becoming more common and more sophisticated, with an assortment of configurations and customizations. We have years of experience with various emergency protection systems and can design a system that meets your needs and code requirements.