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We’re experienced in both wireless and wired systems, and also provide site surveys to ensure wireless systems work without interference.

Structured Cabling

The backbone of any office is your Data Cabling Infrastructure. Eastern understands structured cable installation and infrastructure design. Our experienced data cabling team is comprised of expert structured cable technicians that ensure your business data wiring needs are covered. We utilize only the highest quality structured cabling and network infrastructure components.

Wired networks have remained a popular choice because they offer two obvious advantages: security and speed. Security threats are everywhere, and because a wired network relies upon physical connections to access the network, it is that much more difficult to compromise.


With wireless networks, employees or devices do not have to be physically connected to access the network.

It is common for employees to have more than one device – and one or more of them are often mobile. For this reason, the flexibility and scalability of wireless networks appeal to businesses. With a wireless network, it is easy to provide employees with access, which they can use to connect multiple devices. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops can all connect to the network allowing employees to access work files on the go, without a physical connection.