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There is no second chance when it comes to life safety. You can trust Eastern Electrical Systems vast experience, high-quality products, and services to protect your people. We offer a wide variety of life safety systems including fire alarm, mass notification, nurse call, patient wandering, and gunshot detection and response systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our company can design, supply, install, inspect and maintain your fire alarm system. All of our work is done in accordance with NFPA and local codes. Our employees have decades of training and plenty of installs behind them. From single story offices to 20 story hotels, we have you covered. We design, install and integrate systems for some of the leading manufacturers such as Honeywell and VES. We can also install and maintain any legacy system including Simplex and Siemens.

Mass Notification Systems

Whether you’re on a college campus or in an industrial facility, concise and effective mass notification systems are critical. Eastern Electrical Systems offers comprehensive security solutions for campuses, healthcare facilities, industrial facilities, and more. Mass notification systems can incorporate many different communication devices including intercom systems, text messaging, voice sirens, outdoor speakers, digital signage displays, desktop alerts, and email notifications.

Gunshot Detection

Active shooter situations are on the rise and automating your response to a gunshot improves survivability. When every second means that lives are on the line, your organization needs the most advanced and proven gunshot detection system available and we have you covered. These systems deter shooters and if they “act out”, significantly improves response time while providing situational awareness for occupants and law enforcement. Results: Increasing citizen & first responder survivability while decreasing risk! #neveragain

Nurse Call / Patient Wandering

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, every second can mean the difference between life and death. Nurse call and notification systems must be reliable, high-performance, and easy to use. Eastern provides the best wireless system that allows simple and instant communication between patients and hospital staff. We additionally provide patient wandering systems, and resident wandering systems for care facilities.